Thursday, 22 July 2010

Padiham Greenway, Padiham, Nr. Burnley

A disused railway has bene transformed into a linear park and cycleway!

A lifetime in the making, this project was about the stories surrounding the old railway line and the ideas and aspirations for the new park.

Somethimes funny, sometimes sad sometimes poeticI helped a group of secondary school kids explore these stories and ideas using video and digital imaging. 

A Mid Pennine Arts Project.  You can view their films here 

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Creative Partnerships Residency, Chesterfield Part 2 - Horror Movie Trailers!

Just completed a hectic one day movie making workshop with a class of Y5s and Y6s! 

We dressed up, storyboarded, scripted and acted out several short movie trailers. From Vampires to Space Wars it was non stop action for the whole class!

They each got a DVD o f their completed trailers. 

Funded by Creative Partnerships and  The Mighty Creatives

Friday, 5 February 2010

Creative Partnerships Residency, Chesterfield Part 1- Under the Sea!

Under the sea is where I would like to be! 

Working with a class of Y3 children on an underwater fairytale! 

We spent the morning making crabs, seaweed, mermaids, jelly fish and underwater castles to star in their digitally animated fantasy movie.  It was hectic but we finished it in just one day.

They got a DVD of their film.