Monday, 25 April 2011

Free Software - Scratch

The interface is in 3 sections; Instruction library broken into
categories, the programming environment where ou can choose
your animation graphics, and the Stage wher you buil  
Created by those cleaver cats at MIT Education, SCRATCH is a powerful piece of software that makes programming as easy as stacking LEGO bricks! 

You connect colourful jigsaw like 'instruction' pieces together to create a 'programming script' the 'script' controls and animates graphics of animals, humans, objects and fantasy creatures. You can add text, speech bubbles, music, sound effects and even record your own voice!  

Recommended for Y4 upwards, and a challenge for learners at all levels 

Great for 'control' and fulfils much of the ICT, English, Maths, and any other subject you want to throw into the mix. 

lessons exploring the interface then you can create an dancing animations, interactive games, rainbow music machines!

It has a library of graphics for you to use or you can design your own.

community leaves the 'code' so you can replicate whta they have created

Thes best thinkg is its free! Find out more about SCRATCH and try it out