Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Amazing Akala! Black History Month 2015 In Akala's Words

I found the event  last week with Akala  very fascinating and educational. The subjects he covered  were the origins of Christianity, politics, Africa (he talked about Egypt a lot). I feel that I gained a lot from, the event. The things Akala talked about included  many other interesting historical subjects. In my opinion this is what  Black History Month should really be about.

Last week we saw Akala talk about Black History Month in different parts of Africa(mostly about Egypt). He told us a wide range of information that most schools wouldn't tell us when it comes to Black History Month. He explained Black History Month in different countries and how it was different from others ☺

Last week we saw AKALA talk about black history month he told us about the African spread nose he also read one of his poems what he said changed my perception of black peoples life .☻☺

At Akala last week, his words were really inspirational and he would get his point across well as what he wants people to think predominantly through his poems. I found his information quite surprising like when Christopher Columbus had never set foot on America.

The event last week changed my perspectives on life. It was controversial and increased my knowledge on life socialistic views through history. The event was extremely fascinating in terms of general knowledge and helped me understand more on life during the Egyptian era.  As well as the experience from Akala's lecture, I now have visualized  myself, 4 years from now through out University. Aria. ☺☺☺.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Othello Unbound at Cambian Oaks

Using beautiful gold inks at Cambian Oaks during the  #othellounbound project. 

We talked about publishing a book of prose and poetry created during the workshops and the possibility of extending the work to other residential spaces run by the Cambian Oaks group.

These Arts and Health workshops are part of the Othello Unbound Project which is a creative exploration of Shakespeare’s Othello. This Destinations Arts initiative is supported by Sheffield Hallam University and funded by Arts Council England.

Using the Makey Makey Interface to Create Music Out of Paper!

Reader Project students have just finished creating unique musical instruments using the creative controller interface – MakeyMakey.

Each instrument had both software and hardware elements. Students used MIT’s SCRATCH programming environment to create a program script that allowed their physical instruments to trigger sounds in the computers. Using paper, graphite, copper sticky tape (slug barrier tape) and aluminum foil, participants created final working versions of their instruments.

“I like that we are able to create our own images and touch them and sound comes out, and we can get a character to move across the screen in a game.”

“We learned certain materials were better at conducting than others – I learned that the better conductors produced faster graphics and sounds.”

“Its a fun way to sneak physics into our after school club and a great way of getting both girls and boys involved in coding and the Maker movement.”

Find out more at the Destinations Arts website

Monday, 9 February 2015

February Half Term Challenge 2015 is here!

This years Theme: 3D Art Evolution

From the 17th, 18th and 19th February from 10am until 3.30pm at Sheffield Hallam Univeristy.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


    ☺The Ground Rules☺







Friday, 26 September 2014

Wakey Makey Makey, GalleryCamp14 Derby QUAD

I've come across this funky little circuit board before but this was my first hands on and it was quite a delightful experience  my dear!

I was attending the Makey Makey workshop at the GalleryCamp14 Unconference at QUAD this year. 
Your connect it via USB to your computer then use wires ending in croc clips to connect the board to any electrically conductive object, and away you go. 

And I do mean ANY electrically conductive object.

 From bananas to pencil graphite to squidgy sweets and play dough, it all works fella.  "You can even hook up a row of students and bang their bonces like a drum machine"

Dialup the makeymakey website and then got to the 'how to' section. You can control games and music making software and basically anything that requires a controller. 

The computer sees the board as a control input interface and  this is why the magic happens - when you add software like Scratch you not only create your own game, you create how its controlled.

If you already know scratch you'll soon be up and running, jumping, shooting and banging in no time, just check out the tutorials abound on the Makey Makey website.

£40 from Maplin. Bargain. Go play.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer School 24th July

What we did today.....

we were acting out our play scripts
playinng ninja with  anger

we were acting out the play scrips that we wrote on wednesday and tuesday. Purely based on real WW1 and WW2 hero's storys. We also played fun warm up games, eg. 'here is a pen' and 'ninja'. Thandie

We developed our plays and learnt all of our scripts .We also did a fun activity with Raquel that made us think about mime and freeze frames. Zaynab. 

We have built on our performances about ww1. Our performances were built on Indra Lal roy a second lieutenant in the war and we have based it in the trenches. Aria.

We developed on our performance and played ninga.  Parsa