Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Using the Makey Makey Interface to Create Music Out of Paper!

Reader Project students have just finished creating unique musical instruments using the creative controller interface – MakeyMakey.

Each instrument had both software and hardware elements. Students used MIT’s SCRATCH programming environment to create a program script that allowed their physical instruments to trigger sounds in the computers. Using paper, graphite, copper sticky tape (slug barrier tape) and aluminum foil, participants created final working versions of their instruments.

“I like that we are able to create our own images and touch them and sound comes out, and we can get a character to move across the screen in a game.”

“We learned certain materials were better at conducting than others – I learned that the better conductors produced faster graphics and sounds.”

“Its a fun way to sneak physics into our after school club and a great way of getting both girls and boys involved in coding and the Maker movement.”

Find out more at the Destinations Arts website

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