Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Amazing Akala! Black History Month 2015 In Akala's Words

I found the event  last week with Akala  very fascinating and educational. The subjects he covered  were the origins of Christianity, politics, Africa (he talked about Egypt a lot). I feel that I gained a lot from, the event. The things Akala talked about included  many other interesting historical subjects. In my opinion this is what  Black History Month should really be about.

Last week we saw Akala talk about Black History Month in different parts of Africa(mostly about Egypt). He told us a wide range of information that most schools wouldn't tell us when it comes to Black History Month. He explained Black History Month in different countries and how it was different from others ☺

Last week we saw AKALA talk about black history month he told us about the African spread nose he also read one of his poems what he said changed my perception of black peoples life .☻☺

At Akala last week, his words were really inspirational and he would get his point across well as what he wants people to think predominantly through his poems. I found his information quite surprising like when Christopher Columbus had never set foot on America.

The event last week changed my perspectives on life. It was controversial and increased my knowledge on life socialistic views through history. The event was extremely fascinating in terms of general knowledge and helped me understand more on life during the Egyptian era.  As well as the experience from Akala's lecture, I now have visualized  myself, 4 years from now through out University. Aria. ☺☺☺.