Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Half Term Challenge, February 2014

February Half-Term Challenge 2014

Over the past few days we have been learning about DNA , genetic engineering and synthetic biology.

I have enjoyed working as a group ,  dancing  and making a rap.I thought the quizzes and , learning about the bacteria was interesting. 

My favourite part was doing the rap and the voice exercises, and I also liked it when we had to guess the answers for the quizzes. 

I learnt the many uses genetic engineering has which I  found interesting , and learning in more detail about synthetic biology even though we have done it at school . Learning the rap a making up our own dances was fun. 

I loved dancing and performing in the show and watching the videos
I want to do more dancing and using computers and more performance.

It's a Wrap!

Well we've successfully completed our February 2014 Half-Term Challenge! Following our previous creative explorations of DNA, this years challenge explored the principle ideas behind bio engineering and synthetic biology. 

Over three days young people worked alongside local Artists and created dance and music and a script reading inspired by bio engineering!

Special thanks goes to the all the tech crew who helped to document events and then produced a fantastic film showing all our hard work! 

Thanks to Angga from Hantu collective for helping participants to shape their performance and to local artiste JKAS for helping the group deliver a genetics themed rap! 

Of course our challenge would not have been possible without the support of parents and Maxine Greaves MBE, Equality and Community Engagement Business Support manager at Sheffield Hallam University for hosting and facilitating the project.

Our next challenge will be in the summer.