Monday, 15 August 2011

Making Maths Fun Part 1

Median average worked out with the whole class.
Here is lessons learned from my work with KS3 Maths students. 

Along with the Maths teacher, I worked with Y7 students to create a series of short films that explored 'Averages'.

Every pupil got involved in presenting a highly visual demonstration of averages! 

The Median, Range, Mode and Mean were all demonstrated by the students. 

Students understanding of Averages  had increased.

Text and graphics added to clarify the results.  

The films created were shown to the rest of the school.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Barnsley Young Apprentice Summer School

Students Rehearsing
Students from Barnsley have completed a Performing Arts and Media Summer School at Sheffield Hallam University.

Key Stage 5 students created showreels and a pop video during professional media training workshops.

The Summer school was all about getting a real world taste of what its like to work in the cultural industries. 

Students; grew in confidence; led their own learning and development; received professional training and improved their readiness for the job market. This was a Barnsley Young Apprenticeship Programme. Maxine Greaves, Equality and Community Engagement Manager at Sheffield Hallam University, hosted the Summer School.