Friday, 20 May 2011

An Easy Stop Motion Animation Project

Equipment Needed: Digital Camera, Small Tripod, Table, Set or Backdrop, Characters, Editing Software

1. Before you start, press the menu button on your camera and set your picture quality to 2 mega pixels

2. Place you camera on a tripod in front of your Set or backdrop (make sure the maximum amount of light is falling onto your Set.

3. Decide what the physical movements you want for your characters and take a picture. 
IMPORTANT: Keep your camera and tripod still during picture taking. Get someone to hold the base legs of the tripod.

4. Take 50 pictures for 25 seconds of action

5. Open your software and copy your pictures to your computers hard drive.

6. Open your editing software and import your pictures

7. Ensure that you set your still image options to 0.5 seconds (In Windows moviemaker XP  'Options', 'Advanced' 'Picture Duration  In iMovie 09 - 'Project properties', 'Timing' 'Photo Duration'.

8. Place your pictures in numerical order on the timeline

9. Play your animation on the timeline

10. Checkout the 'Adding a Narration' post to add a dialogue soundtrack to your animation.