Friday, 22 July 2011

Stories of Chat Moss, Irlam, Salford

The madman of Chat Moss
A Y6 class create films based on the oral histories of people who had lived and worked on Chat Moss, a large area of peat bog on the outskirts of Manchester.

Over 5 days, pupils created a series of films using recorded voices, archive photos, poetry, drama and dance. The films featured bog monsters, scooter riders, rat-catchers and Michael Jackson cameo!

These creative media sessions was part of the 'Stories of Chat Moss Project' funded by Salford Museum.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Creative Partnerships Residency, Derby

A Ghost from a haunted school film 
I've completed an exciting year long Primary school residency, turning pupils and teachers into creative media specialists!

The 'Media Moguls' pupil group cascaded their skills to other pupils and teachers too! After they became confident at podcasting, digital imaging, and using ICT equipment, they  created written user guides and videos.

We worked together on two whole school creative media projects, one involved storytelling using stop motion animation and digital imaging manipulation Alice in Wonderland theme.

A Media Mogul!
I also delivered one to one training with teachers, and worked alongside teacher staff in classrooms. Part of the residency also involved me hosting CPD sessions during INSET days.

Both staff and pupils grew in confidence across a wide range of media, raised achievement and helped to develop a creative curriculum. 

Friday, 1 July 2011

Adding a Narration in Windows Movie Maker XP

1. Plug in your microphone and check that your sound card is working (your system should prompt you)

2. Open Windows MovieMaker

3. Click on the 'Tools' Menu , then 'Narrate timeline'.

4. Check 'Front Microphone' from the Microphone drop down menu

5. Click 'Start Narration' and speak into your microphone.

6. When finished click 'Stop Narration'.

7. Press the play button to listen to your narration 

Check out Adding A Narration to Your Movie for more help.