Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Our Ideas for the Routes to Roots

Today we began a Youth Consultation on a  project called Routes to Roots in which we will find out the journey we make through our heritage.

I think  this project  will be quite interesting because we get to meet and interview a whole range of people and find out what their life was like back in their homeland also  what they think of life in England and how they adapted to the english life style. Zaynab.

In this project I'd like to learn about different livestlyes of people who have immagrated from cara bean, asia ect. to  England.While doing so, I would like to have fun , use technology and arts in combanation into interviewing immagates.Thandie.

In this project  I would like about how the environment changed for the last  10 years and the different life styles. I would also like to learn how it has impacted on people whoi live here. Aria...

I would like to know the experiences of the older generation many years ago and I thing the project i
ow it was interesting because we find out how it was before.   Parsa

I want to do Filming Art Acting Story telling   i find this project intresting beacuse were learning new things about our heratige Gianah

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