Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The plan for today.

In our Reader Project Session today we are planning on learning some new robot like dance moves that link in with our idea of technology , to place in each of our individual ideas , as transitions to and from each idea or maybe just as a whole dance sequence.

We have had several ideas for our performance with maxwell about the environment.One of which is that we explore whst the world would be like withought plants and we each had our own little scenario showing what would happen in different situations without plants.Zaynab.

As a group we decided to ask a few people to come into the sessions to teach us dance moves and drama tips which we have done for the past 2 weeks.Zaynab.

We have done work on our robot performances, also our 'A world without trees' delima;Alot actingdone this week.Thandie.

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