Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer School 2014

Reader Project Summer School at Sheffield Hallam Univeristy

We are a group of young people who meet Sheffield Hallam University to do a bunch of creaitve activities with local artists!

This is our blog about our summer school

What we've done so far!!

22nd July

Yesterday we did a variety of things like the warm up. We started with a warm up then we moved onto acting. In the afternoon we looked at world war one and our hero.   Parsa

On the first day of the summer challenge we were introduced to the theme of the project which was history specifically the First World War and the BME soldiers who fought in it.We also briefly began to start a new type of drama called mime. Zaynab.

23rd July 
Today we chose a world war one hero to create a play about and we used the ipads to develop our scripts. Zaynab

Today we  were  practising our role play  at practising whatv we were going to say .and then we peformed it infront of the audiunce

Today we were acting out the stripts we had wrote, about the heores in WW1 and WW2 was Noor Inayat Khan, how she was a british woman spy in WW1. Thandie

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